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Our group works hard to bringing the sound, color and energy to any special occasion. Specializing in any celebratory occasion such as Lunar New Year, grand openings, corporate events, engagements, parties, weddings, banquets, anniversaries, casinos, school events, etc.

Parties, Festivals & More!

Weather it's a party, gender reveal, banquet, school event, anniversary, house show, casino or festival, our team is always ready to bring the sound, energy and color for any special occasion! 

Grand Openings 

Ready to start your business? Having a lion dance performance adds not just excitement but brings good luck, wealth and prosperity to your new business. A great way to kick off your new career. 


Adding a lion dance performance will make your wedding even more special! The sound of the drums, high acrobatics, and energy is what brings the excitement. Our lions will bless the newlyweds with a lifetime of love & happiness

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